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How do I workout in the cold? Try this cold weather workout with video tutorials.

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We will cover:

The Question: what is the best cold weather workout?

The Answer: strength training because it boosts after burn

The Extra: Try this afterburn workout to keep warm in this 🥶 Texas winter


The Question:

What is the best cold weather workout?

The past couple years have been cold in Texas, which makes it that much harder to get outdoors and workout. But skipping the workout all together is even less helpful, especially when its cold.


The Answer:

Strength training boosts the afterburn effect

The most logical thought is to go on a run, right? It makes you sweat, gets you tired, makes your heart pound? But for anyone who has gone on cold weather runs, it can be extremely difficult to keep warm.

Ironically enough, strength training is much more efficient because of its added bonus called the afterburn effect. “Afterburn” is your body's ability to keep resting metabolism high which helps keep the body warm for the rest of the day.


The Extra:

Try this cold weather workout to feel the afterburn effect:


Sets: 1

Reps: 30 sec each or 10 reps each (side)

CNS Ramp Up

Sets: 3

Rest: 30s between each set

  • single kettlebell deadlift to reverse lunge (3 reps - R)

  • single kettlebell deadlift to reverse lunge (3 reps - L)


Sets: 4

Rest: 45s between each set

  • 5x5x5 Complex (watch video 👆)

  • Leg Lifts (or v-ups) (10-12 reps)


Sets: 5

Rest: 30s between each set

  • hip openers left

  • pigeon pose left

  • hip openers right

  • pigeon pose right

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