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Exercise is Hard, How to Build Time Into A Busy Schedule to Maintain Fitness + FREE Workout Routine

You're here because you care about your health and living well and we're here to help you do it. Professional, Spiritual, and Physical Wellness are 3 essential components of living healthy and well. In this blog we will talk about Physical Wellness and how to build time into a busy schedule to maintain fitness. Let's get started.

Physical Wellness

If you've ever tried to start something new, or build something from scratch, you likely know the feeling of not having enough hours in the day. But is it really up to some omnipotent being to figure out a way for me to get all my work done in a sunup-to-sundown time frame?

Take a second to imagine yourself as the CEO of a Fortune 500. You just got the position and it's your second week on the job. At this point you have time management skills down. You hit all your quotas, make it to all those pesky meetings, and even manage to make it back home for dinner before the Yudae app reminds you to stop eating. Thank the lord for that. But the slight increase in workload has caused some secondary changes. It made you sacrifice your morning workout, for morning work-planning, and that sucks.

Time goes by and you exercise even less, because at least your being productive and that makes you successful, right? Things are looking good, and you're still feeling okay, except that you notice your pants feel a little tight at the button when you sit at your desk. You take a look at the scale at home. It reads 10 pounds higher compared to last time you weighed yourself. Well wait, when was last time? Oh yeah...before you got the job. What now?

Now be honest, do you exercise as much as you should?

  • Yes

  • No

Since I started Yudae at the end of 2022, I've taken a major cutback on my exercise routine. My everyday workout used to start with a minimum of 15 miles on the bike (typically maxed at 30) followed by 1-2 hour strength training workout typically before work, but sometimes after.

And that was only on the weekdays. The weekends were a whole different story. It would be common to find me exercising 3, 4, maybe even 6 hours in a day. Most of those hours I would argue didn't count because it wasn't at a high enough intensity to matter for me. My rule being if it doesn't spike the HR it wasn't a workout, just exercise. The fact is that between work responsibilities and family commitments, it can be a real challenge to make time for physical activity.

According to a survey conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), only about 23% of adults in the United States get the recommended amount of exercise each week. The American Heart Association recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise (if you're using heart rate monitor that's somewhere in the 64-76% HRmax) or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic exercise per week (somewhere in the 77-95% HRmax).

The higher the level the position, and the more time the work demands of you, the less time you have to spend exercising and doing healthy activities. So it's no wonder why the number one barrier for people trying to develop a workout routine is time constraints.

That's exactly why we made the Yudae app , so that we could offer convenient and holistic training right from the palm of your hand. But if you don't have our app just yet, follow along with the workout below get at least one workout in today and don't let another one slip by.

If you read this and just can't stop what you're doing, go ahead and bookmark the tab or save the link for later. If you're interested in a personalize training plan, click here.

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