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Lower Body Calisthenics Workout

calisthenics athlete in an outdoor bar gym with beautiful scenary

We will cover:


 Lower Body Exercises & Form

Before we start, let's talk form.

This lower body workout was designed using calisthenics exercises to ensure everyone would have equal access to the fitness contained herein. To accompany this, we put together a video guide to demonstrate picture perfect form for each movement. Please follow along with each video prior to attempting the workout to learn proper form, what the movement should look like, and what you should be feeling for.

Reverse Lunges:

Bodyweight Squats:


 Lower Body Calisthenics Workout

We can confidently recommend this workout if for anyone of any athletic level, because we only use basic exercises in the workbook. Make sure to review proper form first before jumping in. Work hard and have fun. Click here to access a free workout and download a free workout field guide.

Lower Body Calisthenics Workout

reps: ≤ 6

sets: 1-3

Reverse Lunge (left)

Reverse Lunge (right)

Squat (bodyweight)


Friedrich Ludwig Jahn, father of gymnastics and calisthenics

A (brief) history of calisthenics

Simply put, calisthenics are bodyweight movements performed as exercises. Essentially all bodyweight movements can be classified as a calisthenics. And, if going by the dictionary definition, "grace of movement" is a requirements.

Made famous by Friedrich Ludwig Jahn, calisthenics was one of the first to believe that eudaemonia was the cornerstone of civilization. He believes that physical fitness and athletics could improve the welfare of an entire country. With this belief, Friedrich became the father of what we call gymnastics, and the inventor of the pull-up bar, among others.


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