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Part 3 - Reddit Asks - How to fix my muscle ups!

woman practicing muscle-ups

We will cover:

The Question: how to fix my muscle up

The Answer: kipping is the muscle up secret weapon

The Extra: Learn to do a muscle up the right way


The Question:

How to fix my muscle ups?

Reddit Asks question from subreddit r/crossfit about muscle-ups


The Answer:

Kipping is the muscle up secret weapon.


The Extra:

Learn to do a muscle up.

In some circles this technique is even called the "butterfly pull up" because it almost looks similar to a butterfly wing motion.

But if the goal is to stop looking like a chicken trying to fly over that bar, focus on something called “kipping”.

It’s a pull up variation that gets a bad wrap in the fitness community because it’s “not real pull ups”.

thoracic spine and shoulder mobility

The motion for a muscle-up is more of a swing (think kettlebell) as opposed to muscling your way to the top of the bar.

Men can get away with the "muscle-up" technique for obvious reasons, while

women should spend more time focusing on form and the swing (aka kipp).

Thankfully you have endurance on your side, so give it a try and let us know it works. Good luck!

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