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3 Pro Planning Tips to Plan Your Day

A lot of people say they don't have time to workout, exercise, or meal prep. Feeling like you don't have time is a sign of poor planning and time-management. In this article we will share 3 pro planning tips and strategies to help you become better at planning and getting your [expletive] done. Sorry, Facebook said no curse words.

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Struggle With Planning & Time-Management?

I do. Hi 🤝 names Ryan Brenner, founder of Yudae. When I was 21 I was diagnosed with ADHD. And I'm sure you're thinking, yeah you and everyone else. But for me, it wasn't just me and everyone else. It was a long time of "what is wrong with me??" and "why can't I keep track of anything?!".

On one hand I wish I had been diagnosed sooner as it would have saved me a lot of headache. On the other hand, I'm glad I had no idea until my 4th year of college. You see, at first I was a little ashamed of having been diagnosed with ADHD. I thought if anyone knew they would think differently of me. Like I was broke, or less capable. Mostly because that's what I thought about myself.

Then a few years later I got a job as a sales manager, and eventually district sales manager lead, where I learned everyone struggles with the same problems I had. And no, not because "everyone has ADHD". Because everyone had spent their childhood and adolescent life practicing distraction and spontaneity while I was developing a decade of skill mastery in focus, discipline, organization, and time-management.

The following is a list of 3 tips I put together to help anyone struggling with daily planning and time management. These are a few tips I use myself. Over time you won't have to consciously focus on each tactic. Instead you will just automatically do it. That's the beauty of consistency. Which, oh yeah, this can help you with that too. Enjoy.

Top 3 Pro Planning Tips

Rest & Eat

We have 24 hours in a day and 7-8 of them you should be unconscious. No K.O. unconscious, but sleeping unconscious. Resting unconscious. The #1 reason people say they don't get enough sleep is because they don't have time. Don't be that person. Schedule this before anything else you do that day to ensure you make time for it.

Focus in the A.M.

A lot of folks get into a habit of working out in the morning cause someone said it was healthy. After a while they start to slip. It gets later and later in the day until eventually you say "i'll just workout in the evening". But then "the evening" rolls around and you never do it. Schedule all of your focus intensive work when you have a greater amount of self-regulation in the day. Scientifically that's going to be the morning, and that's why I workout in the morning.

Add 30 Always

Transition time is important to overall success of any schedule, and the worst thing to be is rushed. Add an extra 30 minutes after every major task or activity you have in a day. This is a rule-of-thumb I take with me in everything. I even do this for things like my morning routine. If I know I have to be somewhere early and my routine will take 30 minutes, I'll schedule myself a full hour just to go a little slower.


If you struggle with ADHD, especially with time planning and organization, I have something for you that might help. If you don't struggle with your ADHD, but were diagnosed, I commend you 🤝 and I would love for you to comment your experience below. If you don't struggle with time-management or planning but somehow ended up here, send this to someone who you think it might help. You might just change someone's life. I know this would have changed mine.


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