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Meetings Are Time-Wasters, Plus a FREE 10-Minute Meditation Session

You're here because you care about your health and living well and we're here to help you do it. Professional, Spiritual, and Physical wellness are 3 essential components of living healthy and well. In this blog we will talk about Professional Wellness and how it relates to office meetings, the greatest waste of time since...well..never. Plus, at the end we'll give you a FREE 10-minute meditation session to help you through the week. Let's get started.

Professional Wellness

Professional wellness, also known as occupational wellness, involves finding and fostering an ongoing sense of meaning and joy for what you do at work. In simpler words, it means you enjoy what you do for a living. But it can be hard to balance personal enjoyment while also satisfying what the "boss" needs, while also maintaining valuable relationships with mentors, friends, and professional relationships.

Let's pretend we're in a room together right now and I ask you "how many meetings did you have scheduled last week?". You might reply somewhere in the average of 15-20+. Now let me ask you, how much did you learn in each meeting? How much value did you personally provide? And how valuable was it for you to be there?

As you might imagine, the average number of meetings per day varies greatly depending on job and industry, but in general, a corporate executive, entrepreneur, or business owner might have 5-7+ meetings per day, while a retail employee might only have one or two brief meetings with their supervisor per month.

I once worked a job where we had a team meetings every morning, but only one individual meeting every 3 months as a quarterly review. And how much did I get out of either of those? The truth is not a lot. For the most part every meeting ended with a solid pat on the back and a "good job, just keep doing what you're doing" reassurance.

The fact is that, on average, office workers have more meetings than any other industry. A study by Atlassian showed the average number of office meetings was 3 per day, or roughly 62 meetings per month. Half of these meetings were considered time wasters (as rated by the attendees themselves) with 31 hours being wasted per month.

Now take a moment to think about what you could do with an additional work week in your back pocket. Isn't that part of what most office workers are asking for with a "4-day work week"? The truth is meetings can be a valuable tool for communication and collaboration, but only if used correctly and balanced with focused mindful work to ensure productivity and effectiveness of time spent.

At Yudae we like to teach our members the importance of being mindful with everything they do. One thing we recommend for professional mindfulness is to practice mindful breathing. Here is a 10 minute exercise to help.


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