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Are the Strike Mvmnt Haze Trainer a good shoe?

Before deciding on any new pair of shoes, consider the following 5 questions:

  • Is this for a competition, or for functional training?

  • Am I standing in one place, or do I need to be more mobile?

  • Do I want to wear them outside of training and why? (i.e. lifestyle vs function)

  • Do I need durability, low weight, or both?

  • Do I need increased traction or grip?


This article will offer a unsponsored review on the Strike Mvmnt Haze Trainer. This review is intended for educational purposes only and not to sell or promote any product or brand specific. To view our other reviews click here.


Strike Mvmnt Haze trainer shoe (left side)

Strike Mvmnt Haze Trainer


Strike Mvmnt is a relatively new brand offering shoes for enhanced movement, unlike the Nike Metcon which was designed for cross training specific. Strike MVMNT manufactures three models, one of which is a slip-on style lifestyle shoes, not applicable to this conversation. The remaining two models offer training specific focuses, one for running (Vimana) and one for cross training (Haze).


Nike Metcon 8 Review


  • Wide toe box

  • Comfortable/durable all-day wear

  • Improved lateral stability

  • BONUS: Lace storage


  • Expensive

  • Heel-toe drop reduces function

  • May cause hot-spots on longer runs


If you're searching for a wider, more durable shoe for long training sessions, 3-5 mile runs, and a greater variance for activity as compared to some other typical trainers (read the Nike Metcon review here), the Strike MVMNT Haze trainer gets the Yudae Healthy Design Award .


Stability & Storage

This is one of those rare times where design meets function seamlessly. The Strike Mvmnt Haze trainers are the only training shoes I know of which offer a small pouch atop the tongue to neatly tuck away laces.

If you're a regular lifter you know the annoyance of loose, flappy laces, and you know not having to think about them can make a big difference for the rest of the workout.

Additionally, Strike offers a slightly modified lacing pattern which allows for a solid ankle lockdown making them really great fo lateral agility movements.

10% Extra Width

This is one of their major selling points, but it's worth mentioning as it actually works. Again, they're going to look a little strange if you're used to seeing narrow pointed shoes, but the Strike Mvmnt Haze Trainer felt great and was true-to-size (which cannot be said for all the shoes I have reviewed).

The longest run I have completed in my Strike Mvmnt Haze trainers is 7-8 miles. Due to the extra heel volume I had to tighten them as I was starting to get some hot spots from a little bit of rub. Comparing this to the arch cramps I would get in my Nike's, I would take hot-spots all day.

Minimal Drop

As mentioned before, heel-toe drop is not inherently a bad thing and can actually be beneficial for a lot of people trying to increase squat range of motion or lower body strength.

However, constant use of a high drop shoe can cause other issues such as hip and balance problems in the future. For this reason it wouldn't be our #1 recommendation for minimalistic wider width shoes, but it definitely stacks up against the rest with durable and comfortable performance.



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