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The difference between exercise, workouts, & training.

In this article we will discuss the difference between exercise, workouts, & training, providing examples of each and reasons for why. Plus, at the end we will give you a FREE download of our Every Day Field Planner to help you make time when you feel you have none. Let's get into it!

The difference between exercise, workouts, & training.

Exercise, Workouts, & Training

During certain stages of our lives we exercise more, and in others we exercise less. This is a natural cycle and actually has certain physiological benefits if done correctly and with purpose. But a lot of people who exercise think they're working out. And those who workout tend to believe they're training. But there's a difference.


Any type of movement which causes muscle contractions and increase blood flow beyond normal resting state. Effective "exercisers" find that routines give structure to an unstructured means of physical activity. Many who exercise will have a simple routine they follow and mistake this for a workout plan.

Example Exercises

  • walking

  • morning jog/run

  • 3 rounds of push ups

  • sit ups

  • air squats

  • etc.


A structured list of exercise movements completed at a specific intensity, load, and duration. The goal of a workout is to maintain or achieve long term fitness goals. These do not need to be in an organized order or with progressive overload. Intensity and integrity mean everything for a workout.

Example Workout

  1. warm up

  2. CNS prep

  3. working set 1

  4. working set 2

  5. working set 3

  6. cool down


ONLY for athletes or people extremely serious about long term athletic progression. Regular peoples do not "train", nor do they need to. This is where higher levels of training come into place as well, such as power focus workouts. Training cycles, such as periodized programming are important here. The goal of training is for time-bound progression and to achieve a specific goal. Typically higher level athletics. This is the type of structure you would get with a personal trainer or the Yudae app.

Example Training Program

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Now it doesn't matter how much information you have, or how good your training program is if you don't have time for it. Which is the number one challenge people face when trying a new workout program or entering into one for the first time.

To help you make time for fitness, and everything else important in your life, we put together the Yudae Every Day Field Planner. Designed to fit in your pocket via the conveniently placed folding guides, every day is a single booklet making it easy to keep your eye on the prize. Click the link below to download a FREE pdf copy and get starting on your exercise, workout, or training plan today! No excuses.

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