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The Rise of SBNR, What it Means For You, + A FREE Meditation Session To Get You Through

You're here because you care about your health and living well and we're here to help you do it. Professional, Spiritual, and Physical wellness are 3 essential components of living healthy and well. In this blog we will talk about spiritual wellness, relating it to Easter and the shifts in organized religion. Let's get started.

Spiritual Wellness

At Yudae we like to use holidays as opportunities to discuss philosophy and origins. So when we got a group of friends together this weekend, we naturally ended up discussing the origins of Easter. This eventually led us down a spiritual rabbit hole where we eventually landed on what it means to maintain a sense of faith.

Let's imagine you're hanging out with us in the Yudae Social Space having this discussion when someone asks you to image what the Easter Bunny looks like. Maybe you describe a cute little furry bunny with a pink nose sniffing the air, and long powerful hind legs that help launch it through the air carrying a wicker basket full of eggs to deliver to children.

Now imagine that they ask you to imagine what your Faith looks like. Can you do it? What does it feel like? What does it smell like? Is there a taste associated? Or is it about an atmosphere? Maybe it's more to do with something else entirely. Can you describe it?

You see, faith is a deeply personal experience. It is subjective to a person, and it tends to vary greatly from one to another. And that's because Faith can't be imagined.

I remember back in highschool atheism got a random spurt of popularity. Growing up in Austin, Texas, it was something almost unheard of, yet I recall friends randomly announcing their new found non-existent religious beliefs as if they had shed some sort of weight or burdon. But as I observed their actions, I noticed they seemed to lack something of importance but I couldn't quite describe what it was.

Faith - defined as a strong belief or trust in something or someone without requiring any empirical evidence or proof - can be applied to religious convictions, personal relationships, or even professional aspirations. Essentially, faith is your willingness to believe in ideas or experiences that cannot be seen or touched, while maintaining significant meaning.

Often faith involves a combination of emotional and intellectual components - this is actually my favorite part about it - as it requires one to discover and address any doubts or uncertainties they may have within a belief system.

This is my favorite because it's this same exact process of evaluating your own beliefs that can later help you navigate difficult times, provide a sense of purpose, and even offer a source of strength and hope when everything seems hopeless.

But spirituality in America is shifting, with fewer people identifying with traditional religious institutions and more people embracing individualized expressions of spirituality. This trend is reflected in the rise of "spiritual but not religious" (SBNR) identity, with Gallup reporting that nearly 20% of Americans now identify as SBNR.

This shift towards individualized spirituality can be linked to several factors including a desire for autonomy, a rejection of hierarchical authority, and a need for flexibility in spiritual practice. This shift is also reflected in the growing popularity of practices such as yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, which offer opportunities for personal growth and connection without the constraints of traditional religious institutions.

At the same time, many religious institutions are recognizing the need for adaptation in the face of these changing spiritual attitudes, and are incorporating elements of individualized spirituality into their teachings and practices.

At Yudae we like to skip all that side stuff and go right to the root; mindfulness and meditation. Two surefire ways to regain your mind and your faith.

One way I like to reconnect with my spiritual center is by going out on long walks or hikes in nature. Sometimes it's just walking a trail, sometimes it's running, sometimes it's finding my own route through the woods. No matter what it is, I focus on the sound of my breath, the shift of the earth on my feet, the extension of my leg and the muscles that I'm using. I like to listen to the trees, be submerged in the cool shadow and then bathed by the sun rays.

It's in moments like this where I feel most spiritual, most in touch with myself, and most inline with nature and the world around me. At Yudae we teach that faith can come from multiple sources, buth it all comes from one place...You.

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