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Top Men's Health Concerns 2023

This article covers: understanding men's health & well-being

We will cover:

- Cancer and preventive measures

- Cardiovascular disease and healthy lifestyle changes

- Mental health challenges and coping mechanisms

For day 2 of our comprehensive journey exploring men’s health we're bringing attention to the main health concerns for men and discuss the preventative measure we think you should know.

Its crucial for men to prioritize their health and address these concerns to live a longer, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

Top Men's Health Concerns 2023


Cancer continues to be a leading cause of death for men, with lung and prostate cancers being particularly prevalent. But we're not simply limited to our genetics and we shouldn't sit back and wait for it to happen. Cancer prevention begins with awareness and is sustained by proactive measures.

Preventative Pathways

  • Regular Health Screenings: Early detection through regular check-ups can significantly improve treatment outcomes.

  • No Nicotine: Eliminating tobacco use is a critical step in reducing cancer risk. Nicotine is known to cause cancer, and for many of us it will.

  • Weight Management: Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight through diet and exercise is vital. The easiest thing to do is watch your sugar intake and try to reduce spikes where you can.

  • Exercise: Regular physical activity is not just good for the body's overall functioning; it's also a key player in cancer prevention.

Cardiovascular Disease

Men are at higher risk for cardiovascular disease due to genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors.

Preventative Strategies

  • Healthy Weight: Keeping a watchful eye on weight is crucial for heart health.

  • Regular Physical Activity: Exercise is essential to maintain a robust cardiovascular system. To help, we made an entire DIY workout guide full of exercises.

  • Heart-Healthy Diet: Consuming foods that support heart health can significantly lower the risk of heart disease. We made a guide to what to eat and how much.

  • No Smoking: As with cancer, steering clear of tobacco can help prevent heart disease.

Mental Health

Mental health issues such as anxiety and depression affect a significant number of men, often going undiagnosed due to societal stigma and lack of awareness.

Preventative Measures

  • Relaxation Activities: Activities like meditation, yoga, or even simple breathing exercises can help manage stress.

  • Support Networks: Building and maintaining social connections can provide emotional support.

  • Professional Help: Seeking help from mental health professionals is a sign of strength, not weakness, and can be crucial in managing mental health conditions.



Throughout the month of November we will discuss various factors contributing to men’s mental health, including cultural norms, social support networks, and the role of gender identity.

We’ll also explore practical strategies for fostering conversations around men’s health and mental well-being, such as:

1. creating safe spaces for dialogue

2. advocating for policies that promote mental health equity

3. educating on how win back your health

We hope to empower you and the communities you're part of to take proactive steps towards fostering a healthier and more inclusive world for all.

As we continue this series for the remaining month of November, we’re asking for you donation to help improve men's health worldwide.

There are a ton of resources on the Movember website that we recommend for anyone and everyone looking to learn more about the cause.


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