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Upper Body Calisthenics Workout

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We will cover:


Calisthenics & Training Explained

What is calisthenics?

Simply put, calisthenics are bodyweight movements performed as exercises. Essentially all bodyweight movements can be classified as a calisthenics. And, if going by the dictionary definition, "grace of movement" is a requirements.

Friedrich Ludwig Jahn, father of gymnastics and calisthenics

Made famous by Friedrich Ludwig Jahn, calisthenics was one of the first to believe that eudaemonia was the cornerstone of civilization. He believes that physical fitness and athletics could improve the welfare of an entire country. With this belief, Friedrich became the father of what we call gymnastics, and the inventor of the pull-up bar, among others.

200+ years after it's invention, calisthenics has become an irreplaceable rock in the world of fitness. From beginners to the most advanced athletes, calisthenics training, with simple bodyweight movements, has been, and continues to be, the single best way to improve athleticism, coordination, and overall strength and conditioning.

WTF is the block training method?

When we train it's important to have a goal. In this case were going to make our goal something universally acceptable, increase strength and body composition (aka look better, feel better, and move easier). In order to do that we need to break our goal into a bunch of little goals. And these little goals we will call a "block".

In the world of athletic training and fitness programming, we use a term "block" to represent a small section of a workout. Typically this section is made up of exercises that pertain to the same muscle group and goal, or they may be 1 single movement completed for a set amount of time.

Either way, blocks can be repeated in a singular workout, or added to other blocks to form a brand new workout. Keep in mind that the goal of training and current physical conditioning will alter the appropriate amount of reps and sets. Because today's focus is on optimizing strength and body comp, the recommended rep range is minimum of 3, maximum of 6.

In the upcoming workout you will have a chance to try a professionally curated training block built for the focus of strength progression. It uses simple, classic bodyweight movements with a low rep count performed with high intensity. That means time under tension is the most important. Stick with the timer and replay the video for each set.


Learn technique first.

Before we start, let's talk perfect form.

The following exercises were created to demonstrate picture perfect form on each of the main movements of this workout. Please follow along with each video prior to attempting the workout to learn proper form, what the movement should look like, and what you should be feeling for.

You may also notice each video has an included timer. This is for you to use to time yourself. You may replay each video when practicing individual sets or exercises.

Pull Ups:




Upper Body Calisthenics Workout

This is an upper body calisthenics workout that was designed for anyone of any workout level. We can confidently say this because it uses only the most fundamental exercises in the workbook. Make sure to review proper form first before jumping in. Work hard and have fun.

Block A - upper body

reps: ≤ 6

sets: 1-3

- Pull Up

- Dips

- Push Up


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