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Part 4 - Why is yoga so hard? The Surprising Truth Why Yoga Might Make You Mad

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We will cover:

The Question: yoga makes me mad for weeks at a time

The Answer: yoga is hard for a lot of reasons, but there is also a lot to try

The Extra: If practicing yoga for hips makes you mad, try another form of yoga


The Question:

Yoga makes me mad for weeks at a time, help!

Reddit Asks question from subreddit r/yoga, yoga for hip problems making me angry


The Answer:

Yoga is hard, so don't get discouraged.


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The Extra:

If practicing Yoga for hips is making you mad, try something else.

Yoga is a more much intense exercise than many people give it credit for. And although many people focus on yoga for hip problems, including mobility, most people who practice yoga only know the few poses they practice.

However, yoga itself is a legendary practice of fortifying the mind through a body practice. Indeed this may very well be your typical yoga studio session, or it might be lying silently on your back, focusing feeling of each individual limb.

That said, the anger experienced from practicing yoga for hip problems can be due to a variety of reasons.

One such reason may stem from a build up of additional stress and anxiety from the inability to alleviate their hip problems, and/or gain better hip mobility. This can add tension to the body, ultimately leading to more frustration and anger.

Or, it could simply be that this pose is too advanced, or even that this specific type of yoga for hip problems is too intense. Remember, yoga is an ancient practice, so there are many forms that can be beneficial and worth exploring.

Man standing taking a breath with text behind that reads inhale and exhale

First, take a deep breath and try to relax the mind. Then, focus on another part of the body entirely, or try a different form of hip mobility like what you'll find in this YouTube playlist of hip exercises.

That said, practicing anything only 1 time per week without additional time spent progressing towards you goals is not going to provide much in terms of stacked benefits.

Ironically enough, this may also be a source of frustration, as many people struggle with anger when they feel they have not made progress towards their goals.

When it comes to me (Ryan Brenner, founder of Yudae Wellness) I personally practice of form of yoga that is actually a sleep-based yoga called Yoga Nidra.

It's a practice we like to use at Yudae to calm the mind when things get stressful, and I've been utilizing it in the evening to relax my body after a stressful day.

If stress and relaxation are also areas you struggle with, read this article about Yoga Nidra and try putting it to practice.

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