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  • a man drinking from a bottle of water. - photograph by Paulo Hernandez

    At Yudae, we believe body and mind health should be everyone's #1 priority because at the end of the day a balanced life is essential for a happy one.


    To help you achieve this goal, we're offering free skill-based Wellness Workshops where we focus on building the skills necessary for a lifetime of health and well-being.

    Join us every Sunday at Zilker park located in Austin, Texas ** 



    • 1hr+ multi-modal workout will include games and conversation

    • meditation and mindfulness, combined with stretching and relaxing

    • food & beverages at/from a nearby location


    ** Typical start time is 8am, but times may vary. Please be sure to follow our Threads / Instagram account where we post location, time, and date changes. Attendance is always free, while donations are more than welcome. 

Wellness Workshop in Austin Texas

Wellness Workshops

Sign up for our upcoming Wellness Workshops to learn what it means to bring balance to mindset, fitness, and nutrition in a practical setting.

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