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Were on a mission to help you achieve peak physical and mental health for life as we strive towards our goal to become the leading health and wellness brand.

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This video was recorded: 2/18/24

A word to describe the feeling of happiness through health. We define that as the accomplishment of peak wellbeing. 

We know this isn't something commonly taught. We also know health education hasn't always been available, so we're gonna change that.

It's our goal to help you feel...





This photo was taken: 3/28/24

A word to describe the feeling of happiness through health, it's our goal to help you achieve Yudae everyday. 

And as part of our mission we're taking steps to make health & wellness education accessable for all.


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We understand not everyone can afford the best resources to improve their wellbeing, so we offer it for free. 

Why can't everyone be  happy and healthy

a light from a ceiling "our big goal" - photography by Paulo Hernandez

Our big goal.

With the mission to improve the way the world sees wellness, we aim to open our facility by October 2024.


Sign the Pledge of  Wellness


pledge to partake in, and practice each of, the following wellness activities for the remainder of my life starting on [todays date]:

  1. Engage in at least 30 minutes of activity each day of the week

  2. Actively pursure healthy & nurishing food as best I can afford

  3. Spend a minimum of 2 minutes practicing meditation daily

  4. Attend at least 1 community wellness event every week

  5. Spend time writing 3-5 things I am greateful for every day

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